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About Us

A healthy bone and joint system keeps us mobile, and thus plays a pivotal role in maintaining our overall health and well-being. Founded by Mr. J.R. (Bud) McCaig, the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health is home to a team of basic scientists, clinician researchers, engineers and health system researchers who are working together to enhance the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of bone and joint injuries and diseases, in order to keep people moving. Much of our research is focused on osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis since these conditions pose some of the greatest threats to bone and joint health and rob people of their mobility and ability to live independently. We are pioneers in our multidisciplinary approach to tackling these critical issues.

By working together, we combine our wide-ranging expertise to investigate questions related to all aspects of bone and joint health, from molecules, to cells, to joints, to clinical patient populations. Our vision is a world without arthritis and preventable bone and joint injuries, and we are striving to achieve this goal through excellence in research and education.


Turning research into action

The McCaig Institute is committed to putting the knowledge we generate into action and has partnered with the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute (ABJHI) and the Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJHSCN) to establish a complete knowledge translation pipeline.


Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute

The Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute (ABJHI) is Canada’s only independent institute for channeling knowledge into better bone and joint health care services. It is the most successful organization for engaging stakeholders in adopting best practices. It is a not-for-profit institute and registered charity.  With a team composed of project managers, medical practitioners, analysts, statisticians, and knowledge translators, their work involves the design and evaluation of innovative, evidence-based ways to deliver bone and joint health care services. Working with the McCaig Institute, they utilize the latest evidence-based research to measure and report on health care service performance.  To learn more about ABJHI, click here.

The Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network

Alberta Health Services, the provincial health authority, has developed strategic clinical networks in key areas to find new and innovative ways to deliver healthcare to provide better quality of care and improve patient outcomes.  The Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network (BJHSCN) brings together clinicians, patients, educators, researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and others to improve access, quality, safety and sustainability of bone and joint health care in Alberta. To learn more about the BJHSCN, click here.

A Unique Partnership

These three Albertan organizations are unique in Canada because the partnerships between them create a unique “clinical pull” model for research.  The BJHSCN brings together all stakeholders in bone and joint health to identify key critical issues.  This then informs the research that we conduct at the McCaig Institute so that the solutions we develop are clinically relevant.  Then, through ABJHI, we can put our innovations to work in the real-world of the health care system. We can evaluate how effective the solutions are in terms of  patient outcomes and cost-effectiveness.  The feedback provided by ABJHI can then be used to improve our solutions.  Furthermore, through our partnership with the BJHSCN, we can implement our solutions into the healthcare system.  This unique and powerful partnership places our organizations in a position to effect change within the healthcare system. This ultimately changes the lives of those suffering from bone and joint conditions more quickly and efficiently than anywhere else in the Canada.

                                       Knowledge Translation Pipeline

                                       Knowledge Translation Pipeline

This figure illustrates the knowledge translation process our unique partnerships achieve:

(1) the identification of clinically-relevant problems by the health care providers in the BJHSCN

(2) the creation of novel solutions by the researchers at the McCaig Institute, and

(3) the evaluation and implementation of these new tools into the health care system by members of the ABJHI.

This type of collaborative effort is unprecedented. By working together, we will be able to implement useful and effective diagnostic and therapeutic tools into the health care system expeditiously. This will ultimately have a profound impact on improving the quality of life and mobility of thousands of Canadians.