The McCaig Institute is active in educating and promoting bone and joint health in the community. Here are some of our most recent initiatives. Thank you to our partners for helping us with our vision for pain-free mobility for life!

Expressions of Arthritis

Currently, nearly 20,000 Canadian children are suffering from painful, swollen joints and chronic fatigue. Not many people know that arthritis affects children too. Researchers at The McCaig Institute for Bone & Joint Health (MIBJH) are developing innovative treatment and diagnostic tools for a variety of bone and joint conditions, including arthritis.

In September 2014, we worked with our partners at The Alberta Children's Hospital and TELUS Spark to design a creative workshop specifically for children suffering from juvenile arthritis, to express in their own way what it feels like to live with this condition.

Our special guest for this event was Bev Kelly, a Calgary-based artist. Bev spoke to the children at the workshop about her experiences as an artist who is thriving in spite of living with chronic joint pain. To learn more about Bev Kelly click here.

The works of art will be put on display at the TELUS Spark Science Centre.

Due to the success of this workshop, the MIBJH is working with the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) and the Department of Art at the University of Calgary to create an ongoing art program for children with arthritis and other chronic diseases. This initiative is being co-led by Drs. Paivi Mieuttenen and Jaymi Taiani.

Upcoming Workshops:

January 10, 2015- Sculpting with Alicia Ponzio

May 30, 2015- Painting/collage with Liba Labik

August 8, 2015- To be announced!

September 12, 2015- To be announced!

December 2015- To be announced!

All workshops are held in the Arts Studio at The Alberta Children's Hospital. Registration is required. Please contact Dr. Paivi Miettunen at

Meet an Innovator

The McCaig Institute took part in the TELUS Spark's Meet the Innovator event in September 2014.