Extreme Cryo Symposium 2015

January 30-31, 2015

University of Alberta, North Campus

The theme of this year's Extreme Cryo Symposium is:

"Cold to the Bone: Cryobiology and Orthopaedic Regeneration"

The Extreme Cryo Symposium was established to promote interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration among research groups interested in diverse aspects of biopreservation, an enabling technology for the clinical application of cells, tissues and organs in transplantation and regenerative medicine. Methods to preserve biological materials include the use of low temperatures, desiccation, vitrification, and hypothermic storage, and the applications of preserved biologics span the fields of agriculture, biochemistry, cell physiology, environmental sciences, food technology, medicine and space sciences. The symposium hopes to bring together students, technicians, researchers, clinicians and scientists who are involved in all aspects of cryopreservation (cells, tissues, organs), and in the tissue engineering, transplant and regeneration of bone and cartilage. There will be opportunity to present research at different stages (planned, on-going or finished) with an emphasis on time
for discussion.

There is no charge for attendees, but registration is required.*
Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract.**
*For registration please contact Luciana Da Silveira Cavalcante: luciana@ualberta.ca
**For abstract submission inquiries please contact Ruqayyah Almizraq: ruqayyah@ualberta.ca
The Symposium is being organized by: Biopreservation students of the University of Alberta, the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, and faculty members at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary involved in cryobiology and regenerative medicine of articular cartilage and other orthopedic tissues.
The organizing committee contacts:
Leah Marquez-Curtis (marquezc@ualberta.ca)
Sue Miller (shmiller@ucalgary.ca)