The McCaig Institute currently has 59 faculty members (rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons and researchers), from 5 different faculties at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta.




Associate Members

Maysan Abu-Hakima, MD, FRCPC

Eldridge Batuyong, MD

Susanne Benseler, MD

Lauren Beaupre, PhD

Emma Billington, MD

Aaron Bois, MD

Robert Bray, MD

Paul Duffy, MD

Carolyn Hutchison, MD, FRCSC

Kelly Johnston, MD

Gerhard Kiefer, MD

Robert Korley, MD, FRCSC

Raul Kuchinad, MD

Jeremy LaMothe, MD

Justin LeBlanc, MD






Ray Lewkonia, MD

Ian Lo, MD

Liam Martin, MD

Ryan Martin, MD, FRCSC

Paivi Miettunen, MD

Nick Mohtadi, MD, FRCSC

James Powell, MD, FRCSC

Jerome Rattner, PhD

Raylene Reimer, PhD, RD

Alexander Rezansoff, MD

Norm Schachar, MD

Paul Salo, MD, FRCSC

Ganesh Swamy, MD, FRCSC, PhD (cand.)

Richard Walker, MD, FRCPC

Preston Wiley, MPE, MD, CCFP