Project Management Basics

Course Description
This course is designed to introduce participants to the benefits of using basic project management tools and techniques to achieve better project results and enhance organizational performance.
Participants will gain an enhanced understanding of how to initiate and plan a project, how to successfully capture a customer’s project requirements, how to effectively engage and communicate with project stakeholders, how to build a vibrant project team and how to manage risks and quality through the project life cycle. Participants will be able to apply these principals in a collaborative environment using a case study project.
Course Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to:
-Understand the difference between projects and operations
-Define the stages of the project life cycle
-Understand how organizations should select projects
-Define the purpose of the project charter
-Understand how to identify, categorize and manage stakeholder expectations
-Define the triple constraint
-Understand the purpose of the project management plan
-Understand how to identify and manage, risk, communications, human resources
-Understand the process of developing a project budget and schedule
-Understand the importance of capturing and storing lesson learned
2 days (14 hours)

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